‘Gazing Into The Great Divide’



The Girl At The Back Of The Bar *NEW*

Anthology (Thrice cover)

Ignition video version –

Colder video version –

Sum Of Your Parts

Raving Wild –

Afterglow (produced by Robert Foster)

Rockstar (NEW EDIT) –

13 responses to “‘Gazing Into The Great Divide’

  • The Radar: Raving Wild « Keelan Foley

    […] You can find the rest of Raving Wild’s music, including their newest track ‘Sum of your parts’, on their website http://www.ravingwild.com. […]

  • Justin Beeman

    This is really fantastic stuff you guys! I’m an inst-fan!

  • ravingwild

    I’ve had a couple of emails about Colder too. First off, it’s actually two guitar parts and secondly it’s 3 vocal parts over 3 octaves. I didn’t use a harmoniser for that, it’s all yours truly. There’s some backwards guitar track in there for ambience but we don’t play that live. Hope that answers some questions 🙂

  • Keelan Foley

    If I may make a suggestion for future covers. I am not sure why but I think this song would be well suited for Raving Wild. You might already know it from the Kodak ads?
    Radical Face- Welcome Home

    • ravingwild

      Hey Keelan, we love this song so much! We’d love to do it, it’d probably work live and it’d go down a treat. We couldn’t record it though, it’s a great song as it is and if we did it’d pretty much be identical (can’t fix what isn’t broken). Don’t suppose you’ve heard some of his other songs have you?

      • Keelan Foley

        No I haven’t heard anything else by the band yet, but I do plan on doing so fairly soon. What songs would you recommend?

      • ravingwild

        Hey man, sorry for the late reply. As for Radical Face, check out ‘Wrapped in Piano Strings’. It’s got his stamp all over it, very intelligent writing. See what you think, let me know 🙂

      • Keelan Foley

        ‘Wrapped in Piano Strings’ is a great tune. I think I’m going to have to download the album now. Hope the gig went well the last day. Did you manage to get any live video/audio recordings?

  • ravingwild

    Glad you liked it, what did you think of the progressive percussion in that track? He’s got an acoustic style but really knows how to build songs up. Gig went well thanks, Dave couldn’t play this time but I performed both guitar parts myself. We’ll have recordings up tomorrow, we’re recording the songs already on here and then recording some new tracks in a month or so. How’s everything going for you at the minute? Have you got any gigs to go to any time soon? By the way, if you like Radical Face you might like Jose Gonzalez too. There’s also a phenomenal guitarist called Eric Mongrain. I’ve stuck a link in. Really worth a watch..

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