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About ravingwild

Hi, we're the Raving Wild team. Raving Wild are an acoustic indie duo from Aylesbury, Bucks and is comprised of Graham Iddon (vocals/guitar) and Dave Cocking (guitar/percussion. Keelan Foley is the site editor/review writer for ourselves and for other bands.

The Girl At The Back Of The Bar

Hi people, it’s been a while, we know. Happy New Year!

We have a new song for you with more in production.

Anthology (cover song)

Hi all 🙂

We’ve been busy gigging and recording. Despite suffering a throat problem, we recorded a cover of ‘Anthology’ by Thrice. It’s on the homepage but here’s a link too 🙂

Thanks for bearing with us, we’re working on it!

– Graham


Alright guys, been a while! Sorry, we’ve been testing our new AWESOME EQUIPMENT! We’ve got new guitars, amps, microphones, even a Boss RC-300 loop pedal. With this stuff we made a new song, check out our homepage if you’d like a listen, it’s called ‘Afterglow’.

We’re going to be producing a lot of stuff as we now also have a producer. Go us! His name is Robert Foster, he’s in a band called Dexter Strangeways, you should check them out on Facebook, very different and they’re all musical geniuses.

Anyway, we’re off to go rock out some more, if you’d in Buckinghamshire come to ShootPool in Aylesbury to see some digital wizardry in the making with our loop pedals!


– Graham

Great night last night

Hi everyone,

A big thank you to everyone who came down to our gig last night. We had a lot of fun and we very much hope that you did too. It looks like this may be a frequent event now at the Queens Head in Aylesbury so by all means please do come by at any point. We’d love to see you there!

– Graham

Re-edited ‘Ignition’

Hello hello, we’ve re-edited Ignition and stripped it down a bit. Perhaps a bit too much production went into the first edit and as a result we’ve taken a couple of parts out, re-written some pieces stuck a few other parts in there. Have a listen, it’ll all make sense. It’s on the homepage. 

– Graham

Album name confirmed

Alright, so upon completion of the first studio track the album name is confirmed. It’s titled ‘Gazing Into The Great Divide’. Check out the newest version of Ignition, it can be found on the homepage.

– Graham


Hi all, sorry for the lengthy absence but I’ve been busy in the studio. We’ve just recorded the studio version of Ignition so please do go to our homepage and have a listen. We very much hope you’ll enjoy it. Please do get in touch and let us know what your thoughts are, we’d love to hear them.


We’re going to Edinburgh Festival!

I think the title of this is fairly self explanatory, we’re just looking for a couple of venues in the city itself. Anyone played there before or got any recommendations? Give us a shout, let us know!

– Graham

Born to be Raving Wild

Hi guys,
Wow, busy month. Dave and I are preparing for a few gigs coming up so we’ve been a little preoccupied. Thanks to Keelan for all the excellent reviews of course, he’s really working some magic here on the site (notice the new menu?).

At any rate, we’ve both got a little extra time over the next month or so and we’ll be sure to get some new music out to you soon. We’re working on a soundcloud profile as we speak along with a bandcamp page.

Just a quick reminder, we’re also performing at an arts and crafts market on the 31st of July which has been organised by Jo Worley. She’s really put a lot of hard work into this so if you can come down, take a look. It’s in Bedgrove, Jancel Square and is starting in the morning and going on til late afternoon.

Right, that’s all for now but we’ll be on it like a car bonnet from now on. You’ll be hearing a lot more from us.
– Graham

New videos!

Okay, I’ve been promising some elusive videos for some time now.

Well now we have a couple! And there’s more to come!

I’ve posted the links for them in The Wild Cards page. In the mean time for a quick view, you can find them here:

Going Away – Graham solo performance (NEW SONG)

Raving Wild – Live (Graham solo performance)

We hope you like them (despite the bad quality).

– Graham