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Raving Review: Delorentos

I have decided to keep things Irish again this week. No particular reason, it just happens to be the music that I’m currently listening to. So anyway, the second band to go under the musical scalpel which is Raving Reviews, are Delorentos. They are a Dublin based alternative rock band who formed 7 years ago. They have released 3 albums to date with their most recent offering, ‘Little Sparks’, only released this year.

The following is taken from their website (

The band drifted together in the usual fashion… inspired by boredom, creative energy, and a passion for music – obvious reference points are Pixies, The Cure, The Clash and Arcade Fire; more oblique influences slide in from most genres of music and virtually every decade from the 50s onwards.

The first track I have chosen for RR this week is their newest single ‘Care For’. The video was only recently produced and released. The second track is also from their ‘Little Sparks’ album. It’s called Bullet in a Gun’ and its a cracking tune. Have a listen to both below and be sure to share your opinions of the band.


  • Delorentos – Care For (New Single)


  • Bullet In A Gun (Also from ‘Little Sparks’)

Raving Review: Jape

Hello and  welcome to the very first Raving Review, or RR (try saying that ten times in a row) for short. My name is Keelan and I am a music blogger. I am sure the Raving Wild guys have already introduced me  so I’ll try keep this intro short. Well anyway the aims of Raving Reviews is to  showcase the diverse range of musical talent out-there. So basically I will be highlighting a broad range of bands and musicians from across the globe. So whats the point of all this? I hope to use RR to draw attention to some of  the smaller bands out-there who deserve to be listened to. Also hopefully we can get an interesting musical discussion started here. I promised to keep this intro short. Sorry I lied but I am finished now and its time to introduce the first band.

Jape are an Irish electro-rock band formed originally as a solo project by Richie Egan.  They formed in 2003 and have gone on to release four albums. They have received impressive accolades  including two Choice Music Awards for their 2008 and 2011 albums.

Their music is a blend of inspiring lyrics and rhythmic beats. Egan is a producer and manages to incorporate  a wide range of interesting musical techniques  in their songs. Their music style is an entity of its own and spans many genres including pop, electro, folk and alternative .

The single ‘Floating‘ , off their second album The Monkeys in the Zoo Have More Fun Than Me became an instant hit within the Irish Alternative scene. It earned extensive airtime on National radio and was responsible for elevating Jape to a higher level of popularity. ‘Floating’ has since been covered by The Raconteurs, Jack White’s side project. I have included the track below so you can listen to it yourself.

So there we have it. The very first Raving Review. Wasn’t too bad now, was it? I feel like I should have christened this review segment but somehow I don’t think smashing a bottle of champagne across the bow of my laptop would be such a good idea. Let me know what you think of Jape.

  • Jape – Floating

Raving Reviews

We believe that there is so much more that smaller bands can do to help each other out. Because of this we’ve decided to create a page specially for this purpose.

We have the very talented Keelan Foley on board with us. He’ll be creating some reviews of the bands that we all like and are friends with. Keelan shall be posting them on this page. Please do check back soon, you won’t regret it!