Join the Raving Wild team

Here at Raving Wild we are looking for some talented individuals to work with us on the band and the associated projects such as the website and social networking. Of course, this wouldn’t be a one sided arrangement, this could be a great experience for you if you feel you’d be interested. You would be able to network, gain a solid list of contacts for other projects and  most importantly you’d have instant help from other members of the Raving Wild team if you’ve got anything you’d like to work on yourself. Sound good?

With this in mind we are looking for the following: –

  • PR representatives
  • Photographers
  • Site editor
  • Music editor
  • Producers
  • Promoters

Even if you feel that you haven’t got much experience but you’d like to get involved in a collaboration then don’t worry! You’ve probably got more than us. We really love making music but we do need members of a team who can help us with the things we suck at.

If you’d like to ask any questions, why not get in touch? We’d enjoy hearing from you, even if it’s just to say hello. Send us a message on

– Raving Wild

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