Alright guys, been a while! Sorry, we’ve been testing our new AWESOME EQUIPMENT! We’ve got new guitars, amps, microphones, even a Boss RC-300 loop pedal. With this stuff we made a new song, check out our homepage if you’d like a listen, it’s called ‘Afterglow’.

We’re going to be producing a lot of stuff as we now also have a producer. Go us! His name is Robert Foster, he’s in a band called Dexter Strangeways, you should check them out on Facebook, very different and they’re all musical geniuses.

Anyway, we’re off to go rock out some more, if you’d in Buckinghamshire come to ShootPool in Aylesbury to see some digital wizardry in the making with our loop pedals!


– Graham

About ravingwild

Hi, we're the Raving Wild team. Raving Wild are an acoustic indie duo from Aylesbury, Bucks and is comprised of Graham Iddon (vocals/guitar) and Dave Cocking (guitar/percussion. Keelan Foley is the site editor/review writer for ourselves and for other bands. View all posts by ravingwild

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